Lee Butter Shortcake 900g

Traditional shortcake with tasteful butter flavored.
USD 3.40

Lee Coffee Cream Biscuits 1kg

Old school sandwich biscuit with strong aroma coffee flavored cream.
USD 3.40

Lee Chocolate Cream Biscuits 800g

Old school sandwich biscuit with yummy chocolate flavored cream.
USD 3.40

Lee Lemon Crackers 800g

Old school sandwich biscuit with delightful lemon flavored cream.
USD 3.40

Lee Wafer Cream Chocolate 520g

Old school "ice cream" biscuit with chocolate flavored cream.
USD 2.95

Lee Spirulina Filled Crackers 175g

Spirulina is nominated as one of the super food in 2014 on xinmsn lifestyle.
USD 1.75

Lee Nutri Multi Grain Biscuits w Strawberry 180g

Manufactured on equipment that also processes biscuits that contain milk, peanut and soy.
USD 1.90

Lee Nutri Multi Grain Original Biscuits 180g

Goodness of grains in this healthy nutri multigrain biscuits, made with 8 different types of grains, this biscuit serve as the best snack with just a mere 75 calories per sachets.
USD 1.75

Lee Chocolate Moo Moo Biscuits 160g

With Chocolate milk moo moo biscuit , you can enjoy goodness of calcium together with a cute cow printed on the biscuit that drawn the attention of both adults and children.
USD 1.75

Lee Milky Moo Moo Biscuits 160g

Milk Biscuits. This product contains wheat and milk and its products.
USD 1.75

Lee Chocolate Chips Blackcurrant Biscuits 160g

This product contains wheat and barley and its products.
USD 1.75

Lee Chocolate Chips Biscuits 160g

Chocolate makes your day, with this original chocolate chips biscuits, it satisfy your craving without you worrying about the calories.
USD 1.75

Lee Corn Cream Biscuits 100g

Enjoy the aftertaste of the corn cream lingering in you with just 1 pcs of the biscuit.
USD 0.90

Lee Cheese Cream Biscuits 100g

The traditional salty sandwiched biscuit with cheesy cream.
USD 0.90

Lee Marie Chocolate Biscuits 300g

Traditional round shaped chocolate milk biscuit, the kids' favourite.
USD 1.50

Lee Small Marie Biscuits 200g

Traditional round shaped milk biscuits, best served together with Milo. Doing afternoon tea in the Asian way.
USD 1.15

Lee Sugar Crackers 330g

Crunchy sweet sugar coated crackers.
USD 1.50

Lee Original Crackers 130g

This product contains wheat, barley, milk, soy and its products.
USD 0.90

Lee Cream Crackers 130g

Enjoy the cream crackers best in the most authentic way, dunk it in with Milo or coffee.
USD 0.90