Healin Mirakel Soap 75g

Gives clean, soft and fresh skin. Relieves itching and skin irritation.
USD 4.00

Healin Shower Scrub 250ml

Comes with honey extract which contains honey, sunflower oil and Gamodulin® to make the skin clean, smooth and moist.
USD 4.00

Rysya Bird Nest Body Scrub 100g

An ultra-mild, non-alkaline cleansing bar that is soap-free infused with “Birds Nest & Collagen”. This a halal cosmetic products.
USD 8.00

Asianic Ginger Spa Salt 150ml

Relaxing skin exfoliant. Promotes cell renewal.
USD 4.70

Asianic Rice Milk Body Scrub 250ml

Pamperes & energises for a brighter & fresher skin.
USD 2.60

Asianic Cherry Blossom Body Scrub 250ml

Whitens & moisturizes for silky smooth & supple skin.
USD 2.60