WEPOS Shower Cabinet Cleaner 0.75L

Removes limescale and soap scum.
USD 12.70

WEPOS Chandelier Spray Cleaner 0.75L

This product is a fast-working manual spray cleaner that is safe and effective.
USD 17.85

WEPOS Stainless Steel & Chrome Cleaner 0.75L

Forms a waterproof, UV resistant and silky gloss protective layer.
USD 11.80

WEPOS Grout Cleaner 0.75L

Removes grease, dirt, residues of care products and stubborn deposits.
USD 11.85

WEPOS Granite & Marble Impregnation

Ready to use special impregnation.
USD 42.25

WEPOS Oven Grill & Bbq Cleaner 0.75L

Quickly and reliably removes even stubborn and burnt-on remains, grease and residues from frying and oily stains.
USD 12.15

WEPOS Fridge & Freezer Defroster 0.75L

Quickly and effortlessly removes ice deposits, iced up areas and ice crystals, enabling convenient and easy defrosting.
USD 13.95

WEPOS Anti Mould Additive 1L

Protect against mould when decorating.
USD 14.85

WEPOS Mould Remover 1L

Powerfully and lastingly destroys all kinds of mould.
USD 14.10

WEPOS Tile & Stone Basic Cleaner Acidic 1L

Powerful basic cleaner concentrate.
USD 13.95

WEPOS Tile & Stone Basic Cleaner Alkaline 1L

Powerful basic cleaner concentrate for the gentle removal of old floor care product residues, stubborn dirt, crusted on grease and yellowed patches.
USD 12.60

WEPOS Urine Stone & Lime Scale Remover 1L

Intensive cleaner.
USD 13.50

WEPOS Marble Polish 0.75L

Gives dull, matt coatings a fresh look and protects even new coatings against watery stains and dirt.
USD 17.85

WEPOS Stone Seal

Forms a waterproof, UV-resistant and silky gloss protective layer.
USD 28.80

WEPOS Marble & Stone Wash & Shine 0.75L

For regular maintenance and daily cleaning.
USD 18.90

WEPOS Porcelain Homogenous Stoneware Cleaner 1L

For convenient basic cleaning.
USD 14.40

WEPOS Cement Residue Remover 1L

Highly effective concentrate.
USD 14.85

WEPOS Mould Remover Chlorine Free 0.75L

Easily removes mould, fungal infestation and mould stains.
USD 13.50

WEPOS Drain Ex Gel 1L

For kitchen, bathroom and toilet.
USD 12.90

WEPOS Stain Remover 0.75L

For carpets and upholstered furniture.
USD 15.00

WEPOS Oil Stain Remover 1L

Dissolves and removes oil stains, oil grime, greasy and oil-like contamination, also of mineral or synthetic origin.
USD 18.00

WEPOS Pvc Floor Cleaner 1L

Cleans and cares for resilient floor coverings of Plastic, PVC, CV, polyolefin and rubber.
USD 12.75

WEPOS Linoleum Cleaner 1L

Refreshes the coating and maintains the natural appearance of linoleum and linoleum parquet.
USD 27.30

WEPOS Grease, Wax & Dirt Remover 1L

Ideal for basic cleaning before applying protection and care products.
USD 13.20

WEPOS Professional Glass Cleaner 1L

Concentrate for streak-free and smear-free cleaning with high degreasing and desoiling power.
USD 14.10

WEPOS Fridge Hygiene Cleaner 0.75L

Removes food residues, dirt, grease deposits and signs of wear.
USD 9.90

WEPOS Parquet & Wooden Floor Wash & Shine 1L

Removes dirt and skid marks with ease.
USD 16.35

WEPOS Marble & Stone Neutral Cleaner 1L

Cleans and cares in one step.
USD 14.10