Pesso Serai Wangi 450ml - 4 Bottles

Repel flies, cockroaches, mosquito, rats, ants and lizard. Able to clean toilet, kitchen and general rooms. Aromatic, refreshing and comfortable.
USD 2.00

Pesso Cockroach Bait 10g

Natural Mineral which eco friendly and not effect human health.
USD 2.00

Pesso Ant Bait 10g

Urban ants are among the most important household pests in Malaysia. Some species of ants are of medical importance as their bites and stings can cause pustules and blisters to develop.
USD 2.00

Pesso Ant Repellent 500ml

Regularly spray onto table, cabinet, chair floor, kitchen and wipe; or mix 100ml into 4 litre water (half pail) to mop the floor or surfaces.
USD 3.00

Pesso Cat Repellent 500ml

The liquid repellent is an all-natural and ready-to use spray to repel cats.
USD 4.00

Pesso Fly Repellent 500ml

Pesso Fly Repellent cleaner, a Natural Serai Wangi and other natural anti-bacterial agent. Currently the best and safe way to repel flies.
USD 3.00

Pesso Lizard Repellent 400ml

Spraying at the relevant entry points to your home prevent lizards from entering from outside
USD 6.00