21st Century Triple Strength Repella Anti Mosquito Patches 3...

Made with 3 powerful herbal oils that repel all species of mosquitos.
USD 5.65

Theo10 Repels 60ml

100% Natural, Wind-Proof Repellent
USD 8.05

Theo10 Heat Pain Relief Cream

100% natural pain relief cream
USD 6.40

Theo10 Skin Natural First Aid Cream

100% natural first aid cream
USD 6.40

NeckHeat Neck and Shoulder Heat Pad 4pcs

NechHeat is ergonomically designed to be able to split into 2 for use on shoulders or across neck. It release medium heat to effectively ease aches and pains caused by long hours of work.
USD 7.35

BackHeat Heat Patch 4pcs

BackHeat is a specially formulated heat patch designed to effectively release tension from long hours of sitting / standing.
USD 7.35

MenstruHeat Heat Patch 4pcs

MenstruHeat is a specially formulated heat patch designed to release an optimum amount of heat to ease menstrual cramps. MenstruHeat is effective, odourless and extremely convenient to use.
USD 7.35

Healin Liniment 30ml

Absorb more quickly and generally have better penetration.
USD 8.00

Healin Gamarub Cream 60gm

The effects of prolonged cold cream makes it ideal for relieving muscle pain, joint aches, swelling and pain.
USD 7.00