Clara Radiance Cleansing Foam

A mild foaming cleanser that imparts a conditioning & moisturizing effect with plant derived glutamate & moisture enhancing beads. It deep cleanses without leaving a tautness feel to the skin.
USD 17.16

Clara Cleansing Fluid

To rehydrate & lift last traces of impurities as it deep cleanses.
USD 16.65

Clara HPS Cleansing Fluid

For fragile and delicate skin. Helps to remove free radicals and chlorine from tap water. It rehydrates and deep cleanses.
USD 17.66

Clara Deep Cleansing Gel

Helps to retain the moisture balance of the skin.
USD 30.28

Clara pH Face Wash

For oily skin. Enriched with natural oil for a pH balancing effect on skin.
USD 19.68

Clara Protein Cleansing Milk

A non-irritation cleanser for tired or mature skin. Can be used as an eye makeup remover.
USD 19.43

Clara Gentle Face Wash

For sensitive / delicate skin. It cleanses without disturbing the sebaceous gland or irritating the skin.
USD 19.68

Clara Gentle Cleansing Milk

For normal and sensitive skin. A general cleanser for removal of makeup.
USD 13.88

Clara EC Cleansing Gel

For oily / acne-prone skin. Helps to normalize cutaneous sebum.
USD 19.68