Cosmoderm Manjakani Hygiene Wash 150ml

99% pure Manjakani with traditional herb extracts for intimate feminine hygiene freshness.
USD 3.22

Cosmoderm Luminous Pearl Brightening Mousse Cleanser 100ml

A gentle and effective mousse-based cleanser that removes dead skin cells.
USD 7.27

Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil BB Cream 03- Natural Beige 30ml

Easy to apply as a make up base or as is for a flawless finish.
USD 9.16

Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleanser with Vitamin E 125ml

Creamy and efficient cleanser that cleans gently yet deeply for soft, clean skin without drying.
USD 4.30

Cosmoderm Vitamin E Facial Scrub 125ml

Biodegradeble bamboo beads scrub that exfoliates dead skin cells, removes whiteheads and blackheads efficiently without injuring the skin’s delicate surface.
USD 5.38

Cosmoderm Vitamin E Magic Exfoliating Gel 30ml

Gel based scrub for gentle, efficient exfoliation of dead skin cells, whiteheads and blackhead.
USD 6.73

Cosmoderm Vitamin E Facial Cleansing Foam 125ml

Gentle, efficient gel-based foaming cleanser enriched with anti-oxidants for cell renewal.
USD 5.38