Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond 5300mg Drink x 16's

Specifically designed for mature skin to restore its youthfulness, resilience and radiance.
USD 59.90

Kinohimitsu Prowhite x 30's

Delicious functional drink that provides systemic health and beauty functions.
USD 59.90

Kinohimitsu Collagen Men with Cactus 5300mg Drink x 16's

Drink that is designed to satisfy the specific needs of men's skin.
USD 59.90

Kinohimitsu Collagen Nite Drink with Brown Rice + Manuka Hon...

It helps our skin to remove toxins that cause cells ageing and ensure an effective repairing and renewal process takes place.
USD 59.90

Kinohimitsu Clear Activ 5g x 15's

Clear Activ is designed to provide internal defense against breakouts and perfectly balance sebum secretion.
USD 49.90

Kinohimitsu Beauty Drink Collagen 12 Bottles + Free 4 Bottle...

This instant drink has a high concentration of collagen that will help to plump up your skin for it to become smoother, firmer and younger-looking.
USD 52.90

Kinohimitsu UV-Bright Drink x 16 Bottles

The most effective way to restore fair skin, not only on your face but for your whole body including the underarms, elbows, tummy, knees, inner thighs and groin.
USD 52.90

Kinohimitsu Collagen Activ x 30 Sachets

Asugar-free beauty supplement specially formulated to nourish your skin from within by fitting into your daily lifestyle without causing disruption.
USD 32.90