Pure 1L + Rice Bran 1L

Pure 1L + Rice Bran 1L

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  • This way it leaves intact flavors and fragrance of all dishes

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What's In The Box:

  • 1 x Pure 1L 
  • 1 x Rice Bran 1L


  • Pure Olive Oil Packaging in glass bottle 1 litre
  • This oil has a very light taste
  • This way it leaves intact flavors and fragrance of all dishes
  • This is an oil with a light yellow color and a neutral taste
  • Rice bran oil obtained from rice seeds of variety Oryza Sativa L

Pure Olive Oil:
This oil is the result of a blend of refined olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. The refined olive oil is produced 
refinery from a virgin lampante oil through a refining process which consists of a de-acidification treatment to reduce acidity, deodorization to remove volatile compounds responsible for unpleasant odors and discoloration to remove brown compounds resulting from oxidative phenomena. The refined olive oil so obtained is delivered to BASSO  and then it is mixed with extra virgin olive oil from EU, in order to reinstate part of the beneficial substances that are lost in the process of becoming olive oil.

Tips For Use:
This oil is suitable for all dishes. It is good to fry all types of food. Thanks to its neutral taste, it is an excellent oil for dressing sauces and vegetable preserves.

Rice Bran Oil:
Rice bran oil is extracted from a by-product of rice production by means of a solvent. The crude oil obtained in this way is then submitted to a refining process in order to get a clear oil, light yellow in color, without any distinctive odors or flavors, whose chemical features comply with standard requirements.

Tips For Use:
In order to preserve the nutritional characteristics related to the presence of γ-oryzanol and vitamin E, this oil is better consumed as a dressing for salads and for cold dishes based on vegetables or fish. It gives dishes a slightly sweet taste which mixes well with flavored vinegar and several spices
. Its high antioxidants content gives this oil great stability over time and makes it perfect for deep-frying cooking and to prepare stir-fry food. Finally, its low viscosity means lower absorption during the cooking process and therefore a lower caloric intake.


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