Pomace 1L + Grape Seed 1L

Pomace 1L + Grape Seed 1L

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  • This product has a pale yellow color with green reflexes, and has a neutral taste

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What's In The Box:

  • 1 x Pomace 1L 
  • 1 x Grape Seed 1L


  • Pomace Olive Oil Packaging in glass bottle 1 litre
  • This oil has a neutral taste. It does not alter flavors and fragrance of any dish
  • This product has a pale yellow color with green reflexes, and has a neutral taste

Pomace Olive Oil:
Pomace olive oil is made from pomace, the solid by-product of the extra virgin olive oil extraction process, which is composed of pit fragments, peel skins and pulp parts that mills normally convey to refineries for further processing. Pomace by-product still contains 5-10% of oil, which is extracted by using hexane solvent. Crude pomace oil such obtained is therefore submitted to the several stages of refining process such as deacidification to reduce acidity, deodorization to remove volatile compounds responsible for unpleasant odors, and discoloration to remove brown compounds produced by oxidative phenomena. The resulting product is refined pomace olive oil which is delivered to BASSO where it is mixed with extra virgin olive oil, in order to reinstate part of the beneficial substances lost. This way it becomes pomace olive oil.

Grape Seed Oil:
Grapeseed oil is extracted from the Vitis 
ninifera L. dried seeds using a solvent. The crude oil is submitted to a refining process to obtain a clear, odorless oil, whose color is pale yellow with green reflexes. Then it is analyzed to check compliance with our standard requirements.

Tips For Use:
In order to take full advantage of its polyphenolic content, it is preferable to use it as a condiment for salads, vegetables 
and cheeses. It can also be used in frying because of its high smoke point (235 ° C) accompanied by moderate stability over time.


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