Theo10 Skin Natural First Aid Cream

Theo10 Skin Natural First Aid Cream

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  • 100% natural first aid cream

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What's In The Box:

  • 1 x Theo10 Skin Natural First Aid Cream


  • No Steroids 
  • Organic ingredients
  • Suitable for very young children
  • Does not sting open wounds
  • Smells delicious

1. Eczema
a. The high menthol content stops the sudden intense itch very effectively to ensure the user stops scratching immediately. Neem oil comes to contact with the skin and helps improve the skin condition with its anti-bacterial properties. Beeswax ensures that the oils are in constant contact with the skin. It also lends its water-resistant property to stop the bleeding from excessive scratching and ensures a prolonged duration of protection. Frequent application of at least every 4-5 hours a day after a recent outbreak medically moisturizes the area to prevent skin from flaking and causing it to itch.

2. Insect bites
a. Because our peppermint essential oil content is exceptionally high, it stops itch almost immediately. It’s proven to help bites from mosquitoes, sand-flies and even bedbugs. Our oils provide anti-inflammatory properties to reduce the swelling, especially useful for young children. 

3. Nasal congestion
a. As our peppermint oil contains at least 50% menthol, it is very effective to unblock any nasal cavity immediately. To be applied on top of the nose to ensure lasting and effective relief. Helps relief sinus temporarily. 

4. Moisturizer and Cold sore
a. Our beeswax lend its water-resistant properties to ensure skin is always moisturized. With our oils blended together, it provides anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties to work on the cold sore.

Active ingredients include 
1. Organic American Peppermint Essential Oil
2. Organic Cold Pressed Neem Seed Oil
3. Triple Filtered Beeswax



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