Nutristic Dried Blueberries 70g

Nutristic Dried Blueberries 70g

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  • 100% Dried Blueberries From USA

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What's In The Box:

  • 1 x Nutristic Dried Blueberries 70g


  • Blueberries Everyday
  • Our dried blueberries are sweetened which makes it a good.
  • Addition to your daily oats and cereals!



Top 5 Benefits of Dried Blueberries!
1. Excellent source of Antioxidants
2. High in Vitamin C & K
3. Rich in Dietary Fibre
4. Packed with Minerals
5. Low in Fat

What are the best ways to eat our Dried Blueberries?
1. Add a few dried blueberries to your yoghurt, oats or cereals
2. Blend it with your favourite smoothie

Cautionary Note
1. Do not consume more than 1 serving per day which is approximately 1/4 cup
2. Story in dry cool place.


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