Tea Ideas Tea Wands Seabuckthorn 1 Box of 12

Tea Ideas Tea Wands Seabuckthorn 1 Box of 12

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  • Tea Ideas Seabuckthorn Tea Wands are a unique, innovative and modern method for drinking Seabuckthorn tea. They contain a premium blend of natural ingredients, specially formulated to improve your hea...

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  • 1 x Tea Ideas Tea Wands Seabuckthorn 1 Box of 12


  • Tea Ideas’ Seabuckthorn Tea is one particular tea blend that is packed with various health benefits. Firstly, it is useful in treating arthritis, joint and muscle aches.
  • It also has the ability to lower cholesterol, boost lymphatic circulation and improve immunity. Furthermore, the tea is able to reverse gout, promote colon health and be a remedy for various ailments such as indigestion, gastritis, headache, cold, cough, fever and body pains.
  • For those seeking to preserve or revive one’s youthful looks, Seabuckthorn tea is able to Improve the look of skin and hair and slow down aging process. Not to mention also its ability to reduce hunger which is beneficial for those who need to lose weight. With benefits such as these, it is no wonder that the Seabuckthorn Tea remains as one of Tea Ideas’ best sellers!
  • Every purchase of Tea Ideas’ Seabuckthorn Tea Wands entitles you to one box of Seabuckthorn Tea Wands (12 wands per box).

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