Tatgu 85% Dark Chocolate Bar

Tatgu 85% Dark Chocolate Bar

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  • Formulated with Diabetic-friendly 100% Sugarcane Derivatives.

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What's In The Box:

  • 1 x Tatgu 85% Dark Chocolate Bar


  • 2 x Tatgu 85% Dark Chocolate Bars
  • Have a unique formulation is an extraordinary bittersweet couverture chocolate made from a blend of the best Ghana
  • Ivory Coast cocoa from Africa
  • With a high 85% cocoa content, Tatgu 85% dark chocolate is perfect for the bittersweet chocolate
  • Due to its palatable and delicious for chocolate lovers,  it can be consume directly in its purest form
  • Tatgu 85% dark Chocolate can be used on a wide range of products such praline, bars, cakes, pastries, and confectionery



  • For home pastry chefs and professionals alike - it has a powerfully bittersweet base gives a higher than typical amount of cocoa butter to your desserts and truffles a silky mouth finish. It is suitable for pastry, chocolate fillings, molding, enrobing, and icing. The Tatgu buttons are easier to work with than large industrial size block.
  • Further with its high sweetness profile, it can help to reduce your sugar further from your recipe.  With the unique formulate with SFC Sugar 100% derived from sugarcan and the flavour is packed with 4 to 5 times sweetness of regular sugar, it allows people to enjoy the health benefits of chocolate without the negative effects of excessive sugar. 
  • Temperature Melting:  45 degree C
  • Pre-Crystallizing:  27 degreee C  
  • Processing/Moulding:  32 degree C
  • Cooling:  10-12 degree C

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