Bomb Cosmetics Pink Rhubarb Little Hotties Fragrance 25gm

Bomb Cosmetics Pink Rhubarb Little Hotties Fragrance 25gm

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  • Natural Wax, Pure Essential Oils.

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What's In The Box:

  • 1 x Bomb Cosmetics Pink Rhubarb Little Hotties Fragrance 25gm


  • Based on a classical English crumble of pink rhubarb and blackberries, this scent is sweet and fruity!
  • Each Little Hottie is hand-poured wax melt and is highly fragranced allowing you to create your own bespoke scents for the home
  • When creating your own combinations, combine floral and fresh moments, or try cooking up your own ‘good enough to eat’ scents, using gourmand and fruity
  • Most of all, have fun mixing your own combinations



Each box holds 4 portions, each portion is 25gm, so, you can either have 4 portions of the same fragrance or have up to four different fragrances in your Little Hottie box. 4 portions will give you up to 132 hours of aroma. 4 portions per order

Safety First!
Never put your burner or warmer or candle near any flammable objects. Do not put it on or near anything that can be damaged by heat. Do not put your warmer within reach of children or pets. Do not eat! Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Place 3 or 4 Little Hotties into the melter, put a lit tea light below and allow them to melt, filling your home with it’s own bespoke fragrance. There is no need to add water! Light the tealight, and allow your very own fragrance creation to scent the whole house! 


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