Puku 123 Stroller Red

Puku 123 Stroller Red

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  • Puku 123 Stroller is lightweight stroller and it is suitable for newborn up until 15kg.

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What's In The Box:

  • 1 x Puku 123 Stroller Red


  • Easy to fold close and open
  • Weigh around 6kg
  • Suitable for newborn up until 15kg
  • Can recline up to 175 degrees



[Son's father is big dolls, strollers is the son Hornet]


Recently carts silently feel at home, like you want to explode ...

Participate in classroom mom is able to get pregnant during the first unknown brand carts

Followed by the full moon after the son of hand-picked Quinny Moodd

Later to find both Jiang and I are super satisfied chubby Chicco BRAVO

Then seeing the son for six months, the neck has also started to learn hard "move"

So we started to think to start with relatively lightweight stroller

If in the future, or abroad in order to return back to the south when you can carry

While we were looking for ten thousand cars in a little light in the vast sea carts

Received a solicitation PUKU carts Experience

Just is lightweight stroller !!! We want to try the

((I think there is the feeling of being secretly quietly concerned about how such a tacit agreement roar ~ !!!))


Just because we also want to start looking for a cart so we happily took invite friends !!

This time to come with you about the

PUKU123 travel carts


Light Tell me what network diagram is not to think that the color is so special now!

To be honest I really was the first time I saw such a yellow trolleys

Although I first saw after thought:

Oh ~ This is not a taxi it !!! ???

However, after the photo to Jiang chubby looked very excited he actually said to me:

Eh eh eh ~ Well this yellow is the Hornet !!! yeah !!!


Sure enough, a man from Mars, Women are from Earth (???)

So men have more cosmology, think of Transformers so international ~~~

But I think it is on the road full of cars run taxi is really quite local ~~~

Thus, directed only Hornet (false) is you !!!


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