MyGenie Points




For each 1 USD spent on our Platform, you shall earn one (1) Genie Point. You will automatically begin earning Genie Points upon your first Successful Transaction!

Conversion Rate: 100 Genie Points = 2 USD

Redeeming Points

You may use your MyGenie Points to pay for part of your purchase order for up to 25% of your total purchase, or a maximum of 200 USD (10,000 Genie Points), whichever is lower OR full points redemption for merchandises at Genie Points Store at

Note: reserves the right to change the assigned value from time to time without prior notice.

Points Validity

MyGenie Points will be valid for 6 months (180 days) from the date of issue. New purchases will not renew the expiry of your current points.




1. These Terms and Conditions are applicable on individuals (“You” or ”Your” or “Registered Accountholder” ) who has duly registered an account (“Account”) with Aladdin Street DotCom Sdn Bhd’s (“Company”) platform, (“Platform”), for the sole purpose of our Company’s loyalty programme known provisionally as “myGenie Points” (“Genie Points Programme”).

2. The Genie Points Programme entitles You to take part in the redemption of Genie Points duly accredited to You by our Company by way of purchasing goods in our Platform.




1. You will earn and accrue Genie Points based on purchase activity and/or vide any special programmes, promotions or limited time transactions authorised and organised by the Company from time-to-time (for which additional terms and conditions may apply), in our Platform according to the following Genie Point earnings scale:

a. For each 1 USD only spent on our Platform, the Registered Accountholder shall earn one (1) Genie Point. You will automatically begin earning Genie Points upon your first Successful Transaction (hereinafter defined).

b.  All transactions shall be in United States Dollar (USD). The Genie Points which shall be awarded to You will be rounded to an integer amount for purposes of determining the number of Genie Points to be awarded, according to the belowmentioned scale:- Amount Spent (USD), ending with Treatment 0.10 USD – 0.50 USD Rounded down to the lower integer 0.60 USD – 0.90 USD Rounded up to the upper integer

2. The points You earn will be accredited to Your Account after seven (7) days from Your last Successful Transaction. For the purpose hereof, “Successful Transaction” shall be mean :-

a. The goods duly purchased by You during Your last transaction has been successfully delivered to You;

b. the goods are in conformity with Your order; and c) You have confirmed with our Company’s Customer Service team that You are satisfied with the goods and has agreed to waive off Your rights to request for return/refund or exchange policy.

3. There is no limit on the number of Genie Points that You can earn each year. Our Company encourages You to frequently review Your Account’s summary, which is available at Once the Genie Points are accredited into Your Account, these Genie Points are available to You should You choose to redeem them during your next purchase.

4. If, in any event, it has been more than Fourteen (14) days since the Successful Transaction and the Genie Points are not reflected on Your Account’s summary, please contact our customer service. Inquiries must be made within Thirty (30) days from the Successful Transaction.




1. You can only redeem the Genie Points which are already accredited into Your Account for Your next purchase in our Platform.

2. The maximum redemption of Genie Points for price discount on Your next purchase as authorised by our Company shall not exceed twenty-five per-centum (25%) of the total purchase amount OR by at a maximum of TWO HUNDRED US DOLLARS (200.00 USD) only (whichever is lower) per transaction (“Redemption”) .

3. In the event You have requested for the goods to be refunded wherein during such transaction You have chosen to redeem your Genie Points, the Company shall only refund to You the total monies paid by You to the Company in this transaction. The number of Genie Points that You have utilised in this transaction may be refunded to You at our Company’s absolute discretion.

4. The Genie Point shall not be assigned or transferred to any person (including upon death or as a part of a domestic relations matter).

5. These Genie Points have no cash value, no surrender value and no transfer value.



1. The Genie Points accredited into Your Account is valid and shall be available for Redemption by You for a period of One Hundred and Eighty (180) days (“Validity Period”) from the date the Genie Points are rewarded to You.

2. All unredeemed points on Your Account shall, on the expiry of the Validity Period, be forfeited and deducted from Your Account without prior notice to You. In the event Your Account is being deleted and/or banned by our Company, all Genie Points accrued in Your Account shall be forfeited and deducted from Your Account without prior notice to You.




1. Our Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend, cancel or modify the Genie Point Programme, either wholly or any part of it, at any time and for whatsoever reason and without prior notice to You.

2. Our Company further reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to add, delete, change or revise the Terms and Conditions of the Genie Point Programme including, but not limited to, qualifications for participation in the Genie Point Programme, the Genie Point Programme features or procedures, the imposition or discontinuance of special promotions or offers, additions, deletions or revisions of the Genie Points offered, revisions of the amount of points required for the Redemption, revisions of point caps, limitations or expiration of the Validity Period, revisions to disqualifying events or the imposition of new, revised or additional Genie Point Programme terms without prior notice to You.

3. You will be responsible for both determining and paying any federal, state or local taxes, fees or other charges, if any, that may be imposed by any governmental or regulatory authority on the Genie Points obtained through the redemption of points, whether or not such taxes, fees or other charges are imposed at the time of point redemption or subsequently. Should our Company be required to report taxes, tax reporting, if any, will be made to the Registered Accountholder.

4. Our Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any Registered Accountholder from participation in the Genie Points Programme and to cancel or invalidate any Genie Points in cases of actual or suspected abuse, fraud, violations of the Company’s Genie Points Programme’s Terms and Conditions or any actual or suspected abuse or fraud with respect to unauthorised hacking of the Genie Point system.

5. Neither the Company nor its third-party service providers, their respective employees, officers, affiliates or agents will be liable to You for any action or inaction any of them take or fail to take with respect to the Genie Points Programme or any changes in the Terms and Conditions of the Genie Points Programme.

6. Neither our Company nor its third party service providers, their respective employees, officers, affiliates or agents assumes any responsibility for, and will not be liable for, any financial loss, personal injury, property loss or damage, other loss, accident, delay, inconvenience, or irregularity which You and/or Your guest may suffer by reason of any act, default, non-performance or wrongful, careless, negligent, or unauthorized act or omission of any the Genie Points Programme supplier, its employees, or any third party.

7. Neither our Company nor its third party service providers, their respective employees, officers, affiliates or agents will be responsible for any errors or omissions, or for any bodily injury or property damage that may result from participation in the Genie Points Programme nor for any damage, loss or expense of any nature resulting from the usage of any Genie Point, or from any cancellation irregularity or mishap affecting the Redemption of any Genie Points received through the Genie Points Programme.

8. You agree to notify the Company promptly upon the receipt of Your Account of any errors relating to the addition or deletion of any Genie Points Programme in Your Account but in no event later than Thirty (30) days after the error appeared on Your Account.

9. All trademarks, service marks and trade names used by our Company in this Genie Points Programme are the property of our Company. No use of these may be made without the prior written authorization of our Company. By accumulating and redeeming Genie Points under the Genie Points Programme, You agree to all of the Genie Points Programme features, limitations and restrictions contained in these Terms and Conditions as well as any additional terms and conditions contained in this Genie Points Programme Programs, promotions or transactions that may be offered to You from time-to-time and any terms and conditions contained in any certificate, coupon or document issued to You under the Genie Points Programme.